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FinanceGPT for Teams

FinanceGPT for Teams empowers collaborative strategy development, backtesting, and analysis, previously only available to well-resourced institutions.

Supercharge Your Team’s Investment Workflow

  • Centralized Platform: Consolidate your team’s research and analysis in a single, secure platform. Foster seamless collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • Streamlined Backtesting: Effortlessly backtest investment strategies together. Gain consensus and refine approaches as a team to achieve optimal results.
  • Advanced Analytics: Leverage the power of generative AI to uncover hidden insights in financial data. Train your FinanceGPT model on the newest research and analysis to stay ahead of the curve.

Together, your team can identify and exploit alpha-generating opportunities through superior backtesting, research, and collaborative analysis. Stop relying on individual intuition – gain a collective edge with data-driven insights.

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